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Are you a local marketing firm, SEO professional, publication, or independent sales rep connected to business owners, decision makers, or marketing executives? Become a Buzz Screens Media Partner and unlock new revenue streams while offering your clients access to our powerful digital out-of-home network.


Why Become a Buzz Screens Media Partner? Lucrative Earnings:

ucrative Earnings:

Lucrative Earnings:
Earn a healthy percentage of every sale you facilitate, adding a valuable income stream to your business.Exclusive Access: Provide your clients with access to our high-traffic digital screens, strategically placed to maximize exposure and engagement.Expand Your Offerings: Enhance your service portfolio with a cutting-edge advertising solution that delivers real results.Support and Resources: Benefit from our dedicated support team and marketing resources to help you succeed and grow your business.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities and Enhance Your Service Offerings

As a media partner, you can increase your revenue by selling ad space to your customers at a discounted rate. Additionally, you can enhance your service offerings by providing targeted advertising solutions.

Increased Revenue

Sell ad space to your customers at a discounted rate and boost your earnings.

Enhanced Service

Offer targeted advertising solutions to your customers and stand out from the competition.

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Find answers to common questions and concerns about becoming a media partner.

How to join?

To join as a media partner, simply fill out the contact form and our team will get in touch with you.

Benefits offered

As a media partner, you will have access to discounted ad rates, allowing you to offer your customers competitive prices.

Payment options

We offer flexible payment options to media partners, including monthly invoicing and online payment methods.

Target audience

Our screens reach a diverse audience, allowing you to target specific demographics and locations.

Ad content guidelines

We have guidelines in place to ensure that all ad content meets our quality standards and is suitable for our audience.

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