Transforming Ads Distribution

Buzz Screens is revolutionizing ad distribution by leveraging the latest in digital out-of-home technology to deliver highly targeted and impactful advertising. By placing our digital screens in strategic, high-traffic locations across northern Colorado, we ensure maximum visibility for your brand.

Our innovative approach allows businesses to reach diverse audiences with dynamic, real-time content that captures attention and drives engagement. With Buzz Screens, ad distribution becomes more efficient, measurable, and effective, setting a new standard for the advertising industry.

Empowering Businesses

Transforming Local Advertising with Buzzscreens

At Buzz Screens, we're on a mission to help business owners and marketing professionals in northern Colorado capture new audiences and boost sales with the power of our digital out-of-home network.

Buzz Screens empowers businesses of all sizes to promote their brand, messaging, and offers through our expanding network of 35 digital screens, strategically located in high-traffic areas. With over 15,000,000 monthly impressions, our screens provide unmatched visibility and engagement. Our solutions are designed to be easy to set up and surprisingly affordable, making high-impact advertising accessible for everyone

Join us at Buzz Screens and transform your advertising strategy with the most effective DOOH network in northern Colorado.

If you want to outshine the competition and elevate your business with a dynamic marketing strategy, then it's time to launch your campaign with Buzz Screens.

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Get to know the talented individuals behind the idea.

Chris Cox

Dan Porter

Marley LeClair


Jolly Web Consulting

Get to know the tech team that brings the idea to life.

Hayden Anderson
Owner/Designer/Project Manager

Web designer, SEO strategist, creating stunning custom websites.

Douglas Gaskell
Lead Developer/Systems Architect


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