What is the Buzz Multiplier Grant?

The Buzz Multiplier Grant is a unique opportunity designed to supercharge your advertising efforts by tripling your budget for 12 months. Targeting businesses eager to enhance their visibility and impact, this grant leverages Buzz Screens’ extensive DOOH network, achieving over 15,000,000 monthly impressions in high-traffic locations across Northern Colorado. Whether you’re building a new brand or maintaining your current presence, this grant helps you connect with the local community effectively and consistently. Apply by June 2nd at midnight for a chance to maximize your advertising reach and drive significant brand growth. Winners will be announced on June 7th.

Who Can Benefit

The grant targets businesses that are eager to boost their brand visibility and engagement with their target audience. It is ideal for companies looking to:

  • Launch a new brand and create a strong market presence.
  • Maintain and enhance the visibility of an existing brand.
  • Expand their reach within the local community.
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How does it work?

Selected businesses will have their monthly advertising budget tripled by Buzz Screens for 12 months. Here’s what that looks like in practice:

  • If you commit $1,000 per month, we’ll enhance it to $3,000 per month.
  • If you commit $2,000 per month, we’ll elevate it to $6,000 per month.
  • If you commit $4,000 per month, we’ll boost it to the maximum of $12,000 per month.

We 3X Your $$$


Should You Apply?

  1. Maximize Exposure: Our network achieves over 15,000,000 monthly impressions in Northern Colorado, with screens placed in high-traffic, high-visibility locations where locals frequently visit and dwell. This consistent exposure ensures your brand reaches a local audience regularly and effectively.
  2. Build and Maintain Your Brand: Whether you’re just starting or looking to keep your brand top-of-mind, the Buzz Screens platform offers the ideal venue for impactful and consistent brand messaging.
  3. Creative and Effective Advertising: The most successful ads on our platform are those that are informative, creative, and humorous. This grant offers a perfect opportunity to craft engaging ads that resonate with the community.

Potential for Grant Winners

The Buzz Multiplier Grant not only amplifies your advertising budget but also unlocks the potential for significantly greater engagement and brand growth. With enhanced resources, your business can achieve a much broader reach and more impactful advertising results, driving higher customer awareness and loyalty.

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